Cancer love horoscope for october 23 2019

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With Venus set as their destination, those born on October 23rd are to seek pleasures in life and relationships that show how balanced they actually are. This might be easier said and done, but when they incorporate all aspects of their existence as valuable, time moves them in the right direction and there is nothing truly standing in the way of balance and the love they wish to find in this lifetime. The entire focus of October 23rd seems to be on one's emotional world. Their need to strive for important and balanced bonds with a partner who fits their inner world will drive them and make them go a long way.

Still, they could lose themselves in the process, putting the relationship itself above their own wellbeing, and turning them into victims of life. Honesty is the main prerequisite of any successful bond in their life, not so much the honesty of their partner as much as their honesty towards self.

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What they feel in their heart is true will simply prove to be — true, no matter what anyone else might think, feel or say. Their relationships easily fall out of balance if they try to help when their partner never asked for help in the first place. They easily get entangled in their own understanding of the world and could start preaching to those who have a task of their own, ending up feeling misunderstood or devalued by their own attempts to explain what they see.

A sensitive touch is needed here in order for their relationships to last, and it will be easy to maintain it once they truly give value to their own emotional world and focus on creating more joy in their own life instead of focusing on anyone else's. A Libra born on the 23rd of October excels in education, teaching, different kinds of expansion and work well with foreigners and in unstable systems that need to be approached bravely, without fear of what tomorrow will bring.

One of the best stones a Libra born on October 23rd may use is labradorite, a stone of magic. Awakening one's magical powers, it will give these individuals a shove into an adventure, bringing change to their life, flowing smoothly and without pressure. Protecting them from negativity of others, it opens space for their own beliefs to grow and expand, until they see that everything true is in fact beautiful. Aquarius Yearly Predictions. Pisces Yearly Predictions. Daily Horoscope Wednesday, Oct 9, Quick Love Guidelines. Money Career Guideline.

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CANCER OCTOBER 2019 - A Love Offer After Much Thinking - Love Horoscope & Tarot

A special kind of Daily Horoscope. Zodiac Signs Page. Guidelines for the Website. Welcome to our Blog. If you practice collecting your thoughts and getting them into sharp focus before you speak, you will be much clearer, and your words will have more impact.

Cancer: You're Smoldering With Passion

On the other hand, don't waste words trying to soften the blow or spare someone. This almost always ends up backfiring. Just say what you need to openly and honestly. Venus in Scorpio pushes you to take the next step and find more intimacy with your partner. You and your partner grow closer, and fresh intimacy blossoms.

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If you happen to be single, things are looking bright, as a whole host of encounters are set to flood your way over the course of October. Why plastic surgery is the norm for S Korean stewardesses. Read more.

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